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Working with glass

Dale Carroll

Being able to handle glass tubing, rod and flat glass confidently is a useful skill to have. This session will show how to cut and bend glass tubing and rod using simple and inexpensive equipment that is often already in the science departments. We will also cover how to fix broken burette and measuring tops to have them useable again.

CB04.03.521, Lab 5
2 Calculations for Lab Techs Laurence Wooding

Have you ever needed to prepare a weird concentration of barium sulfate solution, but couldn't find online how much of the solid you needed to dissolve? Or been asked to standardise some NaOH for chemistry? Or even just sat there racking your brain trying to remember how to re-arrange an equation? This workshop is for you! From math wizzs to the math hater you will all leave this workshop having learnt something new.

I will be covering concentration, dilution, and molarity calculations; formula re-arranging; unit and concentration conversions.

Please bring a scientific calculator (preferably the one you use at work), a notebook, a writing implement, and lots of energy!

CB04.03.551, Lab 2

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