ASET has just set up an email group list forum for laboratory technicians in educational institutions throughout NSW. It is for asking questions, giving advice, and any other facet of being a laboratory technician in NSW. Many schools only have one laboratory technician, which may make seeking help difficult other than using Google or asking through the Chem Talk forum, which can take some time to receive answers. The email list reaches your fellow colleagues in other schools instantly, and you will receive answers or advice very quickly.

Codes of Practice for Email Forum List Use

By applying for and/or continuing to use the ASET-NSW email forum the users acknowledge that they have read and accepted the following conditions. Any breach of these conditions may result in a warning or removal from the forum without notice.

  • No teachers or educators are to join this email list. This is a space for Education Technicians to engage with one another and receive support. Therefore, it is in their capacity to seek help on how to deal with difficult work situations, and they should feel capable to do so without fallout at their workplace.
  • Members of this email are not to use specific names of their colleagues: HOD, Chemistry Teacher, Principal, and other titles are acceptable. This is to preserve some form of anonymity among those you may have a "bug bear" with.
  • No employees of suppliers or manufacturers are to join this email list, and that no paid or promotional material is distributed.
  • Please keep "spam" mail to a minimum, particularly emails that don't contribute. Please keep the conversation relevant to Technicians. 
  • No talk of unions.
  • Conversations need to remain "civil": no swearing; no fighting; no harassment; remain respectful of all views and opinions.

Subscription is quick, easy and best of all, it’s free. All you have to do is go to:  and enter in a email and password of your choosing. You also have the option to select “digest”, which condenses the emails down in to groups should you find the incoming email too much to get through. Once approved, you will begin receiving group emails instantly. To send your own email to the whole group, use the following address: Enjoy, and see you on “the list”!

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