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LEAN up your lab


LEAN Technology is a proven system that has been highly effective in the manufacturing sector for many years and it is becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions including laboratories in Schools, TAFE’s and University teaching labs. The presentation is fun, engaging and beneficial to anyone involved in laboratory management.

  • Core topics and activities cover:
  • The power of visual management
  • Impact of workflow on efficiencies
  • The 5S Principal 

All attendees will receive a complimentary gift from Westlab’s range of Innovative products

2 WHS and Me Karen Mellenbergh

Work Health Safety Act and Regulation. What are your legal obligations?

3 Datalogging: Open ended experiments Stuart Lewis - Scientrific

Are you looking for innovative ways of collecting data with some key experiments from the Australian Curriculum: Science?

Are you looking for a way to extend current experiments to engage students and connect to STEM? Are you looking for a pathway from a simple experiment to an open-ended investigation? This workshop investigates several experiments that start out simple, push to complex ideas and end in the realm of open-ended experiments.  Participants to this workshop will get hands-on experience with datalogging technology, focusing on sections of the physics curriculum.


Enzymes in action

Southern Biological  Investigate the effect of temperature, pH, the presence of inhibitors, and concentration of reactants on a number of different enzymes CB04.03.511, Lab 6

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