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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Science, a practical workshop

David Harrington

This 1 hour workshop will provide background information and hands on opportunities to explore practical examples that illustrate Indigenous science concepts contained in the senior science syllabi. The content is applicable for Chemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science and Investigating Science and can also be extended to illustrate Physics content. Demonstrations and hands on activities will include the treatment of toxic compounds in foods, bush medicines, soaps and antiseptics, ochre, stone tool construction and mining, with additional workshop material informing fire management and firestick farming, issues pertaining to Indigenous Intellectual Property, land rights and natural resource management. The workshop will provide background information, practical notes and WHS advice for each activity as well as ideas regarding sourcing appropriate materials, engaging with your local AECG and Elders and culturally sensitive approaches to teaching and resourcing this material. The presenter, Dave Harrington, is an educator, ethnobotanist and researcher with a 25 year career working collaboratively with Aboriginal communities to record, preserve, protect and communicate cultural knowledge.

David  currently provides consultation to the education sector regarding teaching Indigenous Sciences including with the Sydney Arch Diocese and the DET Aboriginal Wellbeing Team.

CB04.03.521, Lab 5
2 RiskAssess Fundamentals Julie Ryan

Have you ever wondered whether you are getting the most out of RiskAssess and utilising its full capacity?

Julie will take you through the ins and outs of RiskAssess and how to use many of its features.

3 WHS and Me Karen Mellenbergh Work Health Safety Act and Regulation. What are your legal obligations? CB10.03.460

Microbiology and antibiotic resistance

Southern Biological Learn about aseptic technique, microbiology tips and tricks and antibiotic resistance testing utilising the Kirby-Bauer Test CB04.03.551, Lab 2
5 Leadership in the lab Westlab

In this action packed session we take a deep dive into how you can improve and fine tune your skills as a laboratory professional. This is truly a workshop for the individual who would like to take their science department to the next level and influence their colleagues with impressive management skills. Topics covered will include:

  • Communication – How to communicate effectively and clearly with your colleagues.
  • Sharing your ideas and getting buy-in from the team
  • The ability to support your team by building their competence (ability to do the job well) and their confidence (the ability to do the job independently)
  • To confidently delegate to staff knowing that the job will get done well
  • Have constructive conversations with colleagues to build and strengthen relationships
  • To look honestly and critically at your own leadership style – recognise & celebrate your strengths; and identify areas for development

All attendees will receive a complimentary gift from Westlab’s range of Innovative products


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