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Under pressure Ben Newsome - Fizzics Ed Discover ways of teaching pressure for students. From simple hands-on materials to bell jars & liquid nitrogen demonstrations, there's plenty of activities that will grab the attention of students. CB04.03.511, Lab 6
2 Datalogging: Open ended experiments Stuart Lewis - Scientrific

Are you looking for innovative ways of collecting data with some key experiments from the Australian Curriculum: Science?

Are you looking for a way to extend current experiments to engage students and connect to STEM? Are you looking for a pathway from a simple experiment to an open-ended investigation? This workshop investigates several experiments that start out simple, push to complex ideas and end in the realm of open-ended experiments.  Participants to this workshop will get hands-on experience with datalogging technology, focusing on sections of the physics curriculum.

3 In da pendant genes Jeanette Tran

Prepare your own DNA which you will take away wearing in a pendant!

In this session, cells from the inside of your mouth (buccal cells) are harvested, lysed, enzyme treated and the DNA extracted. This DNA is then collected, sealed in a glass pendant and worn around your neck.

In Da’ Pendant Genes is an activity that was adapted for the Queensland Government’s BioBus mobile biotechnology exhibition for schools and is an excellent example of DNA extraction. This simple lab activity requires no specialized equipment or stains, yet allows you to conduct a real-world laboratory procedure that can be used to extract high quality DNA from a wide variety of organisms. This DNA could be used in a number of further laboratory applications if desired.

All participants will receive an Instruction Manual for this activity.

CB04.03.521, Lab 5

Servicing and cleaning microscopes

Edu Supplies Troubleshooting and maintaining your microscopes CB10.03.460
5 Science if Fun Jasmina Hazrolaj A few cool science experiments and demos. If you want to learn how to make a spectroscope or Ferro fluid, come and join us. CB04.03.551, Lab 2
Bottling specimens

David Cutting - Museum of Human Disease

I’ll present a PowerPoint which will introduce the audience to the museum with a brief history and rundown of our collection.

I’ll then talk about common problems encountered and some of our solutions to them.

I’ll detail our preservative solution recipes and give information about sourcing suppliers.

After a presentation of about forty mins I will open to an informal Q&A to try and help with any individual audience members concerns.


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